Daan van Limburg Stirum

visual artist and designer

this website is always under construction. for a quick overview of my projects, use the links below.

In my work I translate complicated theory and philosophy to a more tangible understanding. The subjects are grounded in my own experiences or admiration without any exceptions. By doing in-depth research into the subject I am able to create a visual re-articulation or translation that represents the essence of my research. This can result in different output such as a visual essay, video or textile-designs.
My process is to be recognized by its analogue basis, often leaning towards photography as an exploration of the visual side of the subject. However, I am not a photographer but an image investigator. The method of analyzing has an ever-present part in my process of researching but is not always the end result.
The outputs differ in material and shape. I use editorial design and publications as a handle, giving it a function of clarification within a somewhat abstract project. In combination with this organized output I preserve the freedom to keep experimenting with various media and materials.

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